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COOLPO Dedicated Itself into Video Conferencing Industry

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COOLPO Dedicated Itself into Video Conferencing Industry

August 24
17:58 2021

COOLPO leverage latest tech solutions in conference rooms to improve communications.

The company believes that video conferencing will be a fast-growing market. With the frequency and importance of using it, video conferencing participants will pay greater attention to the quality of the video conference, resulting in higher requirements and expectations for such products. Video conferencing product development is divided into three generations: the first generation can merely see and hear, the second generation is able to see and listen clearly, and the third generation is more interactive and provides highly efficient meetings.

At present, most of the traditional brands of intelligent hardware products on the market are stuck in the first and second generation. The third generation of products mainly focus on cloud video conferencing, which has broadened the industry application. Many new scenes have been born coupled with the acceleration of COVID-19. In addition to being able to see and hear clearly on the device side, there have sprung much more requirements for the convenience and expansibility of interaction and meetings, and artificial intelligence algorithms for subdivided scenes have also been added. COOLPO sees this opportunity and strives to create smart video conferencing products that better meet today’s needs.


Founded in 2016, the company was co-founded by members of the chip, computer vision, scientific research institutes, and hardware and software industries.

2016 – Focused on algorithmic research, primarily in the audio-visual direction.

2018 – We have started our own brand, COOLPO, and engaged in the development, production and sale of intelligent terminals for video conferencing in small collaboration spaces.

2020 – COOLPO AI Huddle Pana was launched.

2021 – COOLPO AI Huddle Mini will be launched at the annual meeting.

Pana Product Introduction

COOLPO AI huddle Pana is an artificial intelligence video conference equipment. The 360-degree camera has joined the leading artificial intelligence vision algorithm, combined with the sound source positioning of the intelligent microphone array. It can capture all participants, so that remote colleagues can see everyone’s facial expression and body language to truly immerse themselves in the conference and improve the efficiency of the remote conference. Plug and play, no need to install any driver, suitable for most video conferencing software, including zoom, Microsoft teams, Google hangouts, Skype, etc.

Traditional Video Conferencing Hardware Challenge Points

With the progress of technology and the improvement of remote office and conference requirements, the existing video conference system cannot fully meet the needs of customers. There are still some challenges:

Challenge #1: the video conference attached to the existing domestic office software has a single function, which is only video and voice, and cannot fully realize the interactive function.

Challenge #2: international well-known remote video conference service providers have high prices, the chips need to be imported, and there are accompanying risks.

Challenge #3: COVID-19, medical treatment, tele-office, and video conference demands are expanding rapidly, but the current office software cannot meet customer interaction needs.

Main Product Innovations

1. Auditory position discrimination

The Pana can switch the focus speaker screen in real-time. The hardware is equipped with an omnidirectional 360-degree camera and omnidirectional microphone array and has a voice and vision dual authentication function.

2. Call quality further improved

The intelligent terminal further improves the audio noise reduction function and supports echo cancellation of two-way calls, making the communication of participants smoother and saves time and communication costs.

3. Bring a sense of reality and participation to the meeting

AI huddle Pana has 360-degree interaction and wide-angle dual-mode and has an easy interface (COOLPO Tools) for smooth video configuration. Smart 360 + 4K allows participants to see and hear everything. The automatic group viewfinder and speaker tracking functions enable customers to experience the feeling of visiting the meeting site and focus on the meeting.

4. It is extremely simple and easy to use

This product adopts USB driver-free installation, plug and play, and coding is suitable for mainstream video conference software at home and abroad. It is very convenient for users to use anytime, anywhere which benefits the customers’ good impression of this product.

Case Study

AgReliant is amazed by COOLPO’s ability to recognize attendees in the meeting.

AgReliant Genetics is one of the largest, cutting-edge seed companies in North America that focuses on the needs of farmers. For years, they have been dedicated to deliver valuable solutions, while maintaining meaningful relationships and providing an excellent customer experience.

“My experience with COOLPO has been fantastic, right out of the box. It is very easy to use and requires no support from the I.T. Department.” – Buck from AgReliant IT department.

Before the introduction of the COOLPO system, each attendee of every meeting needed to bring their laptop with them to be seen. This required I.T. support, due to some attendees forgetting their a/c adapters, or they could not get connected to the network, the list could go on.

COOLPO not only met Buck’s expectations: to capture the meeting room attendees and provide good audio and video; but it also absolutely exceeded them. Now the attendees only need to bring themselves to the meeting, not to mention the time saved from solving basic IT problems. Very good video quality and the ability to capture attendees from as far as 15 feet away, makes their meeting go smoother than before.

AgReliant has 2 of the high-end conference room systems, and all that have used both, have preferred COOLPO. The audio of the COOLPO is surprisingly good, according to Buck, the mics pick up well, and the speakers provide a good clear sound.

“The system has a very small footprint, the camera quality is very clear, and the audio sends and receives a good clear sound.” – Buck Bailey AgReliant Genetics


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