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Jivanchi Classifieds to relaunch their website with a better user experience

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Jivanchi Classifieds to relaunch their website with a better user experience

August 24
05:42 2021

23 August, 2021 – Jivanchi Classifieds is one of the most prominent platforms available for the people to publish their online classifieds. During a short period of time, the popularity of this online classifieds site skyrocketed. The ability to publish classifieds for free was one of the main reasons behind the popularity of this online classifieds site. Moreover, it was receiving a decent traffic, and there was a possibility for the people to get their items sold within a short period of time.

Along with time, the user base of Jivanchi Classifieds increased, and the team wanted to deliver even a better experience to them. That’s where the team behind Jivanchi Classifieds came up with the idea of launching a better version of the website. Website revamping process took place within few weeks, and a new version of Jivanchi Classifieds is currently available for the visitors to access.

The newest version of Jivanchi Classifieds is not an improved one from the previous version. Instead, it a completely revamped version, which delivers a better user experience. Even a person who is trying to publish an advertisement for the very first time can go through this user-friendly interface and get the job done without a struggle.

Signing up with the new Jivanchi Classifieds website is a breeze. Any person can upload basic details and complete the sign up process. It takes less than a minute to upload the details and create an account. Upon signing up to the platform, anyone can go ahead and publish an advertisement.

Upon completing registration, it is possible to proceed with publishing the classified advertisements. Jivanchi Classifieds is among the most universal classified websites available. That’s because there are multiple categories, including vehicles, business listings, real estate, electronics and appliances, community and local business, events, matrimonial, jobs, events, and home décor. It is up to the user to pick the right category and then publish the advertisement accordingly. Upon doing that, any advertisement can be published on the Jivanchi Classifieds website.

At the time of publishing a classified, it is possible to upload precise information. This provides a convenient interface for both buyers as well as sellers. This interface is customized according to the category. For example, when a person is uploading a classified to sell a vehicle, it is possible to upload specific details related to the vehicle such as the make, model, fuel type, number of seats, and transmission. Likewise, a description can be uploaded to the classified listing as well. A seller can upload multiple classifieds on Jivanchi Classifieds, under different categories.

Having a chat with a seller on Jivanchi Classifieds is one of the unique features available. This is not something that is present in the other classified websites. This feature will help the sellers and buyers to have a quick chat and close the deal within a short period of time. Along with that, traditional communication options such as phone number display and email address display are available as well.

Using Jivanchi Classifieds website to find something is not a struggle as well. On the home page of Jivanchi Classifieds, there is a new universal search engine. This search engine helps anyone to look for anything without a struggle. There are two search parameters in the main search engine, which include the item and location. By entering the keywords, a person who is trying to find something can go ahead with searching.

Once a search is initiated, a comprehensive list of search results will be shown on the Jivanchi Classifieds website. The available search results are classified according to their categories. By selecting the right category, it is possible to filter the search results and end up with locating the ideal product or service without a trouble. Likewise, it is also possible to filter the results based on price, and duration where the classified ad was published.

Any buyer who is interested in saving an advertisement can quickly do it. At the time of going through multiple classifieds, this feature will be extremely useful. By quickly saving the classified, it is possible to come back and refer to it at a later stage. This feature will deliver much-needed assistance for shortlisting the advertisements.

Jivanchi Classifieds is looking forward to further improving the platform in future as well. If anyone has a suggestion, it can be directed to the team at Jivanchi Classifieds. The team is more than happy to accept the recommendation and offer much-needed assistance for the users.

The Jivanchi Classifieds platform is currently live. Hence, anyone who is looking forward to publishing a classified ad can go ahead and do it. Likewise, people who are looking to find what they want from classified ads can do it on Jivanchi Classifieds as well.

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