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Privacy Centric Messaging App PunkPanda Launched to Safeguard User Privacy

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Privacy Centric Messaging App PunkPanda Launched to Safeguard User Privacy

October 20
00:14 2020

In the past few years data breaches as well as questionable business practices from many popular messaging applications has resulted in users demanding more control over all of their communications.

In quest of the highest level of security, the development team behind PunkPanda have integrated features into their messaging app that address the confidentiality that most mainstream messaging apps currently lack.

Finally, a Messaging App for Privacy Advocates

PunkPanda is a messaging freeware that has recently been launched on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. With user privacy and security as its founding principle, the chat app is protected by unique safety attributes of immutability and decentralisation. To further amplify its safeness, PunkPanda has integrated 256-bit end-to-end encryption to safeguard all information transmission within the app.

While many messaging apps have promised to provide total privacy and secrecy with end-to-end encryption, their reputation of confidentiality has now come under the question as cases of security breaches and data sharing have sounded the alarm amongst concerned users.

With the combination of its core founding values and end-to-end encryption, PunkPanda is confident that it will provide users with the privacy and cybersecurity they deserve.

Three Phases to Complete PandaChat

In order to give users the ability to have full control over their information, the developers plan to complete the updates of PandaChat in three phases, all of which are schedule to be done in November and December 2020. PandaChat is also one of many major segments under PunkPanda’s ecosystem.

In the first phase, which is already completed, PunkPanda introduced users to the ZAP and HIDE features that allow them to obliterate, hide, or unhide messages that they have sent.

In the second phase, the developers will elevate the ZAP and HIDE functions, allowing them to affect forwarded messages too. New features such as group chat, ZAP with timer, and new privacy settings are expected to be released within the second phase.

In the third phase, end-to-end voice and video calls will be made available through PandaChat.

As of today, PunkPanda is the only platform that enables users to delete and hide messages that were forwarded.

Future updates: PandaPost, PandaFiling, PandaWebinar, PandaPay

Upon the completion of PandaChat updates, the development team plans to turn PunkPanda into an all-purpose platform packed with multiple different features, allowing users to do everything within its ecosystem.

Below is a list of components that are scheduled to be completed and released by the end of 2020.

• PandaPost

PandaPost will allow users to send encrypted and trackable emails to anyone, including non-PunkPanda users. Emails sent through PandaPost can be deleted with the ZAP function too.

• PandaFiling

File sharing will be made much easier and safer with PandaFilingUsing PunkPanda’s patented Encrypted Messaging Agent (EMA), the files will be encrypted and compressed to about 10% of its original size before they were sent to the receiver.

• PandaWebinar

As web conferencing and webinar gets more common due to the pandemic situation, PunkPanda saw the importance of a secure platform for corporates and individuals to hold their conferences. Users who value their trade secrets and personal privacy can expect to hold meetings with the highest level of privacy protection with PandaWebinar.

• PandaPay

PandaPay is an encrypted digital asset wallet that will significantly enhance PunkPandas usability and practicality. With the wallet, users can receive and accumulate ECC Coins by simply using and promoting PunkPanda.

According to PunkPanda, it will further expand ECC’s usage within its ecosystem by developing an ECC-based marketplace that allows trading of services and goods between merchants and PunkPanda users.

Speculating from PunkPanda’s high level of security and the extensive range of functions it is currently developing, there is high possibility for PunkPanda to gain the attention of privacy and cybersecurity advocates, allowing it to rise to the top among other messaging apps. It definitely has the potential to become one of the apps that every smartphone user must download.

Learn more or download PunkPanda App:

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