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Haan Ghar Mein Rahega Desh – The poem by Prasoon Joshi is a sentiment that must be echoed by all Indians

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Haan Ghar Mein Rahega Desh – The poem by Prasoon Joshi is a sentiment that must be echoed by all Indians

March 27
10:35 2020
Haan Ghar Mein Rahega Desh - The poem by Prasoon Joshi is a sentiment that must be echoed by all Indians

This pandemic (COVID-19) is a new kind of war finding its way across the world which has resulted in a sort of global paralysis. After all, it really is humanity under the threat. 

The important call for a 21-day lockdown on the nation by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, in order to contain the virus, is solely to protect the people and the only way we can do so is by staying in.

At this time of the pandemic, the idea is to stay calm but alert, to be prepared yet giving, to be distant but helpful, to know but to not spread and most importantly, to stay at home.

“Haan, Ghar Mein Rahega Desh”, Prasoon Joshi so evocatively expresses this important message through his words.

With his poem, he explains the situation of the nation and requests the citizens to stay at home, capturing the true essence of the emotions of the nation and the citizens.

The deep bonds, the essence of responsibility and ethics that we were taught and respect we developed for one another, he says, together will help us to surmount the situation.

Haan Ghar Mein Rahega Desh

Is desh ko pyaar buzurgo se

Yahan khud se pehle apne hain

Kartavya yahan pehle aata

Aur baad mein aate sapne hain

Bas yeh hi ek sandesh

Haan ghar mein rahega desh

Eikees din ka upvaas liye

Jeevan ki lambi saans liye

Seema rekha na todenge

Ek sanyam ek vishwas liye

Chalo mann ko dein aadesh

Haan ghar mein rahega desh

Sankalp naya ek karte hein

Chalo mil kar peeda harte hein

Is desh ke rehne wale toe

Har din hi tapasyaa karte hein

Badh jane do yeh kesh

Haan ghar mein rahega desh

This man who delivers in sync with the pulse of the nation, always has a way to touch hearts and really make a difference.

His words have both intensity and sensitivity.

“We are going through testing and unprecedented times and we have to keep our spirits high”, says the modern-day poet. Explaining how the crisis is going to affect the nation, he says, “there are many things that this crisis is going to make us realize. Firstly, that each of us has a significant role to play and the strange thing about this war against Coronavirus is; restraint is our weapon, stillness, our defense and distance is the sign that we deeply care.” Further explaining our responsibility towards the nation, he says, “we have to fight this virus with new rules. We must, as individuals support what the medical experts and the governance is asking from us. It’s our duty for our nation and fellow human beings. Hopefully this message will inspire people to undertake their responsibility and resolve to stay at home for this crucial period.”

Together the nation has to maintain the calm in this storm. To do nothing, they say is the most difficult thing. The pandemic proves the point, because today, doing nothing will save the world. Stay at home for a tomorrow. Cherish these moments because you finally have the time to learn all the things you never had the time to.

Express your thoughts and ideas just like Mr. Prasoon Joshi. Hear the poem by the legend himself for some inspiration on YouTube.

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