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Creative Biolabs Upgrades Unparalleled Primate Biobank

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Creative Biolabs Upgrades Unparalleled Primate Biobank

February 14
22:57 2020
Nonhuman primates (NHPs) are extremely valuable research candidates due to their anatomic, physiologic, and immunologic similarities to humans, and Creative Biolabs provides a large variety of NHP biological products and disease models to support laboratory NHP preclinical studies.

New York, USA – Before a new pharmaceutical can be introduced on the market, it has to be tested on humans during clinical trials. The purpose of animal testing is to safeguard the health of the people taking part in these trials. Because humans and primates develop in a similar way in the early years, primates are the preferred option for safety testing of drugs.

Supported by in-house scientists and first-in-class technological platform, Creative Biolabs is a leading provider of quality NHP samples for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and analytical lab industries. The NHP products of Creative Biolabs are all-inclusive ranging from body fluid, blood, to primary cells and tissues.

Different kinds of body fluid, such as monkey cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), bone marrow, amniotic fluid, urine and vitreous humor are provided in Creative Biolabs. These samples are available as cryopreserved or fresh, and can be used for a variety of tests and assays such as PCR, Western blot, immunoprecipitation, immunofluorescent flow cytometry.

Blood sample, collected from monkey veins or arteries tissue, mainly includes serum, plasma and whole blood and is negative for Herpes B Virus, retroviruses, SIV, SRV, & STLV.

Primary cells such as cardiomyocytes, PBMCs, epithelial, islets, stellate cells, etc. are available in Creative Biolabs. For example, monkey cardiomyocytes, isolated from tissues of Cynomolgus monkey or Rhesus monkey, are negative for bacteria, yeast, fungi, mycoplasma, and can be used for tests and assays such as cell-cell interaction, adhesion, migration, PCR, Western blot, immunoprecipitation, immunofluorescent staining, immunofluorescent flow cytometry, or generating cell derivatives for desired research applications.

Creative Biolabs also provides all kinds of tissue systems, including but not limited to monkey cardiovascular system, digestive system, reproductive system, lymphatic system, endocrine system and skeletal system.

“We provide biologicals from many kinds of monkeys to meet the need of global clients.” Introduced by a senior scientist working in Creative Biolabs, “cynomolgus monkey is widely used in experiments about neuroscience. Chimpanzees are social animals most closely related to humans, they could be used in biomedical research repeatedly over decades.”

It’s worth noting that Creative Biolabs fully understands that every life should be respected, and will strictly obey relevant laws to ensure that animals used in research are always kept in clean, airy conditions with plenty of room to move around, while during operations like collecting NHP cerebrospinal fluid, scientists always make sure to minimize the potential for pain, unnecessary stress, distress or untoward effect in research animals.

Primates are ideal models for studying human biological process for they have the highest genetic and physiological similarities to humans. Creative Biolabs fully understands that preclinical studies in animal models are time-consuming and costly process and is dedicated to helping customers to facilitate their drug research. More details can be reached at

About Creative Biolabs

With more than a decade of exploration and expansion, Creative Biolabs has seen a significant improvement in the knowledge of biology and upgraded its NHP biobank, including whole blood, serum, plasma, primary cells, tissue, body fluid and recombinant reagent, as well as a broad range of NHP disease models, which providing global clients with biologicals derived from diseased primates.

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