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Hangzhou Shangcheng District Issued Millions of Sports Coupons

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Hangzhou Shangcheng District Issued Millions of Sports Coupons

August 25
17:45 2023

“Darts contest, curling in dry land, shaking diabolo, playing gyro…” Li Ning Sports Park is having a fun sports meeting, and the activity site is crowded and lively. As the 30-day countdown to the Asian Games is approaching, Pengbu Street in Shangcheng District of Hangzhou and Li Ning Sports Park jointly launched the offline experience activity of issuing millions of sports vouchers, showing the style of “Pengbu in the future of vitality hub”.

“In addition to interesting sports, we have also set up the 19th Asian Games knowledge contest as well. After the citizens complete the park punch card, they can exchange sports vouchers,” Fang Shijie, a staff member of Li Ning Sports Park, told reporters. “The vouchers are applicable to all venues such as swimming pool, table tennis hall, badminton hall, basketball hall, football hall, trampoline hall and rock climbing hall in Li Ning Sports Park etc…”

At the activity site, the public’s enthusiasm for participation is high. “We live nearby. Usually, children often swim in the swimming pool. I heard that I could get sports coupons. I will bring my children to experience it today.” Aunt Wang, a local citizen, came to punch in with her grandson early in the morning.

“Just last weekend, we have issued sports coupons with a single coupon value of 100 yuan through the ‘Shangcheng Release’ WeChat public account, totaling 500,000 yuan. It can be said that the event is very hot.” Pengbu Street staff told reporters.

In the basketball hall, they met Mr. Zhang who successfully received online coupons by hand speed activity. “I grabbed the coupons through the Asian Games Knowledge Competition H5 last Saturday. I will play basketball with my friends when I am free today.” It is understood that the coupons will take effect on August 23rd and can be used until the end of the year.

Next, Pengbu Street will continue to launch sports vouchers in the form of online and offline simultaneous push, and distribute them to specific groups as well such as Asian Games support personnel, sanitation workers, takeaway brothers etc… “We hope to stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole people for fitness and create an atmosphere for the whole people to welcome the 19th Asian Games by issuing sports vouchers.”

On the day of the event, Pengbu Street also released the experience point of “One Street, One Product”. “When you come to Li Ning Sports Park for sports and fitness, you can also immerse yourself in many ways of YOUNG life along the route of “One Street, One Product” and have a “one-stop experience of eating, drinking and playing.” According to the relevant person in charge of Pengbu Street, “One Street, One Product” experience point is outstanding and accessible, focusing on creating two experience points, Li Ning Sports Park and Yangliu County Future Community, radiating the surrounding area with Li Ning Sports Park as the center, enriching the “10-minute future healthy living circle”, and building a healthy community from the perspective of sharing venues, resources and activities.

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