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Learn to Be a RELAX™ Investor – New Book Shows How

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Learn to Be a RELAX™ Investor – New Book Shows How

August 25
02:57 2023

The following is an excerpt from the new book, The RELAX™ Investor, “Conquering Fear & Investing Through Self-Discovery.”

What is a RELAX Investor, you ask? A RELAX Investor is an individual who approaches the decision making process with a calm and measured mindset. This approach offers insights on investing in yourself and your relationships while applying these principles to your financial goals with making emotional impulses.

RELAX™ is an acronym for Research, Evaluate, Locate, Analyze, and Xecute. A person must have certain traits to successfully research, evaluate, locate, analyze, and execute a financial decision. These steps will guide you to face your fears while investing in yourself.

Change the name to “Conquering Fear & Investing Through Self-Discovery”

One of the many qualities of being a RELAX Investor is the virtue of patience. We know the process can be tricky when achieving success with any financial decisions. It’s like a soccer game, with ebbs and flows, but ultimately there is an outcome.

RELAX Investors refrain from making impulsive choices and learn from previous mistakes. They RELAX by taking the time to understand their process and make decisions based on sound analysis and wise insight. Fear doesn’t push them away.

Think about Walmart during the 1980s, a growing yet relatively unknown retail chain in the heart of Arkansas. A handful of visionaries grasped the potential of its innovative business model. These early advocates get on a journey with the retailer, investing their resources and believing in the company.

As Walmart expanded to become one of the world’s retail titans, these patient investors were rewarded for their belief. Today, Walmart’s influence is felt globally, ahead of being just a player in the retail industry.

Those initial investors didn’t just invest in Walmart; they invested in themselves. Their foresight has given them considerable returns, showing the power of long-term vision and confidence. The path of a RELAX Investor, investing in reliable and reputable companies, inspires us to be successful.

The RELAX approach goes beyond finance. It’s a strategy for stocks and life itself. Investing in oneself and our decisions empowers and inspires others to do the same.

This self-investment approach is a vital part of our decision-making success. We will explore how the most significant returns come from the investments we make in ourselves and our decisions.

The RELAX Investor doesn’t have to be a brain surgeon who possesses a sharp analytical mind. We find patterns and trends which lead to more effective decision-making.

This decision-making foundation blocks out fear and doesn’t allow emotions to get in the way. They evaluate risks and make choices based on careful thinking. When a good decision is made, they are rewarded with success.

An excellent example is Joel Greenblatt, one of history’s most successful hedge fund managers. Joel carefully analyzes companies based on their financial metrics. He is a value investor, buying stocks with strong financial health but a lower-than-average stock price.

From 1985 to 1994, he achieved a net annual return of 34.4%. Joel’s success can be attributed to his exceptional decision-making skills and ability to uncover hidden opportunities in the market. By using the RELAX approach, he identified undervalued companies. The investments he made in himself have translated into significant profits for himself, his clients, and his company.

Another characteristic of a RELAX Investor is unwavering discipline. This decision-making strategy is deeply ingrained in their mindset. They remain unaffected by emotional storms and short-lived market trends. Their discipline keeps them steadfast, enabling them to make choices even when overwhelmed or caught up in financial excitement. They understand the importance of patience and perseverance, especially during times of uncertainty.

As we become RELAX Investors, we discover that our choices regarding where and when to invest brought a significant impact. These choices benefit us and inspire and influence those around us. We invest in assets like real estate, stocks, and self-assets like wisdom and character.

This self-investment is the most rewarding and impactful. It enriches our lives and leaves a legacy for those who follow in our footsteps.

Don Peebles, the son of humble beginnings, stands today as a powerful symbol of the RELAX Investor approach. Born to a mechanic and a schoolteacher, Pebbles entered the real estate industry with an economics degree and a dream to create wealth and social change.

He seized an opportunity in Washington D.C.’s urban housing sector during the 1980s, an area overlooked by many. In 1983, he founded The Peebles Corporation. He embarked on this path, exemplifying a RELAX Investor’s foresight and disciplined approach.

His journey continued in 1998 with the acquisition of Miami’s Royal Palm Resort. Despite fierce competition, Pebbles recognized the potential in Miami’s South Beach. With a vision of creating a luxurious and inclusive resort, he transformed the Royal Palm Resort into a remarkable success story.

With a net worth exceeding $1 billion, Mr. Pebbles serves as a testament to strategic decision-making and self-investment. His story reinforces the notion that suitable investments do not always yield immediate profits, but over time, they have a profound impact on our lives and the community.

A RELAX Investor finds joy in exploring different approaches to investing. They derive excitement from pursuing new ideas and delight in overcoming investment fears. Their constant curiosity acts as a guiding light, leading them to make wise and well-informed choices.

With investing, as in life, every decision we make is an investment in our future. Through the RELAX approach, we learn to invest in ourselves as much as we do in financial decisions. As our wealth grows, so does our wisdom and experience, empowering and inspiring those around us and creating a growth cycle.

In the history of influential figures, Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, stands as a beacon of wisdom. As an excellent example of a RELAX Investor, he is the guiding force behind Berkshire Hathaway.

Buffett’s calm and patient decision-making style has steered Berkshire Hathaway for over 50 years. His approach has proven steady and effective, enabling him to adapt to ever-changing market conditions and challenges without fear dictating his decisions.

Among Warren Buffett’s diverse investments, one stands out: Walt Disney Co. This investment story takes us back to Buffett’s childhood, where he first discovered his affection for the magical world of Disney.

The allure of this world was so captivating that Buffett couldn’t resist its pull when the opportunity arose to invest in Disney. He recognized the immense growth potential in the company.

After a meeting with Walt Disney, Buffett took a brave step and invested significantly in the company. As Disney flourished and fulfilled its potential, Buffett enjoyed the rewards of his foresight and unwavering patience.

As thought leaders, we must remember that every investment extends beyond financial gains; it is also an investment in ourselves and our belief in the future. Buffett saw this with Disney as he shared their journey, celebrated their growth, and became a part of their story.

This transformative power of the RELAX approach encourages us to intertwine our stories with the companies and individuals we invest in, fostering growth for all.

Viewing investing through this perspective empowers not only ourselves but also our communities. It motivates others to improve, achieve more, and reach new heights. Growth becomes a force that uplifts everyone around us. In the beautiful fabric of life, success stories serve as threads that inspire others, hoping to create triumphant stories for all.

A RELAX Investor must also be cautious of biases and assumptions that can influence their perception of information. Being aware of these feelings is crucial in making objective and well-informed decisions.

John Paulson, a hedge fund manager, is an outstanding example. During the critical moments of the 2008 financial crisis, Paulson took an in-depth analysis into the U.S. housing market. His analysis revealed the overvaluation of the subprime mortgage market and its imminent downfall.

Like a master chess player anticipating their opponent’s moves, Paulson leveraged this information to his advantage. He invested in credit default swaps (financial instruments that profited from the housing market collapse).

This is a testament to the power of calculated risk, dedication, and the pursuit of knowledge. By the end of 2008, his hedge fund had amassed over $15 billion in profits, solidifying his status as one of the best traders in history. His earnings in 2008 alone exceeded $3 billion. This investment sparked countless discussions and stories about trading versus investing. While others saw fear, he saw an opportunity.

Paulson’s triumph is a tale of financial achievement and an embodiment of a RELAX Investor. He didn’t rely on instinct or emotions alone; he examined data and analyzed market trends. His story symbolizes the rewards of hard work, accuracy, and informed decision-making.

However, his success story also carries a sad note. It serves as a reminder of the homes lost during the housing market crash. As RELAX Investors, it is crucial to be ethical in our decisions, as they affect not only us but society as a whole.



The RELAX Investor mindset extends past financial investing and includes overcoming fear. Taking risks for personal and professional growth, career development, and education is necessary. It allows us to combat and overcome fear.

Microsoft’s initial public offering in 1986 was valued at $500 million. This global tech giant now has a market cap exceeding $2 trillion. In the face of doubt and skepticism, early investors and employees who dared to see the potential in an uncertain tech company reaped significant returns.

This underlines that risk-taking, guided by research and analysis, can yield substantial rewards. Even in initial uncertainty and unease, the RELAX approach can lead to benefits.

Yet, a RELAX Investor understands the two-sided nature of risk. Not all ventures will bear fruit, and accepting losses is a part of the journey.

We discover, evolve, and use these lessons to make better decisions in the future. It emphasizes that investing is not solely about earning money but also about internal growth and continuous learning.

Daymond John’s story is a testament to resilience and transformation. Born in Queens, New York, John faced the realities of a lower-middle-class upbringing. His earliest business venture of selling handmade hats in Queens didn’t initially bring the success he desired.

Unfazed, he captured an understanding of customer needs and birthed the idea for FUBU. This clothing brand catered to an underrepresented urban community. This venture also faced its hurdles, with FUBU closing three times due to insufficient capital and a lack of business acumen, as Daymond himself has admitted.

Despite the setbacks, John’s unwavering optimism and willingness to learn set him apart. He was willing to invest in himself, working full-time at Red Lobster to fund his passion project. His breakthrough came when he convinced L.L. Cool J, a famous rapper, to wear a FUBU t-shirt in a promotional campaign, putting FUBU on the global map.

Today, Daymond John is an iconic entrepreneur, most famous for his role on the T.V. show “Shark Tank,” with a net worth of over $350 million. His journey highlights that failure isn’t the end but a stepping stone to success. As RELAX Investors, we shape our greatest triumphs through resilience, adaptability, and learning from failures.

Just like financial investments, investing in ourselves requires the courage to take risks and the resolve to face challenges head-on. Daymond’s decision to confront his fears has allowed him to impact the world positively.

The DNA of a RELAX Investor is marked with a trait of adaptability. Change is the only constant in this ever-evolving world; success clings to those who can dance to its tune. RELAX Investors navigate these ever-changing environments, capitalizing on emerging trends and safeguarding their interests from potential risks.

Being adaptable goes beyond looking at numbers and financial analysis; it is a way of life. It is a mindset that embraces growth and learning in the face of mistakes and setbacks. The RELAX Investor sees failure as an opportunity. They can gain wisdom from bad experiences and adjust their strategy, which becomes a fundamental building block. Evolution and transformation lead to long-term success.

Steve Harvey’s journey to success is filled with lessons of personal growth, redemption, and transforming pain into purpose. A defining moment Mr. Harvey speaks about is the end of his first marriage. This unfortunate event deeply affected him.

As a true visionary, Steve Harvey channeled a challenging experience into something positive, inspiring himself and millions of others. He invested his time in introspection, understanding the importance of self-awareness and communication in relationships. Leveraging his failures, he boarded on a new beginning and committed to guiding others in matters of love.

Drawing from his experiences and understanding of human relationships, he penned the best-selling book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.” This book became a guiding light for women worldwide, offering insightful advice on dating and relationships. It also inspired men to become better partners.

Harvey’s book was not just a commercial success; it became an instrument for empowerment, encouraging readers to seek respectful and uplifting love. His journey is an inspirational testament to the strength within us all, teaching us to learn from our failures and turn them into a powerful platform for service and success.

It reinforces the belief that our most significant setbacks can become our greatest comebacks, impacting our lives and those around us. It embodies the decision-making approach of a RELAX Investor; we can always make lemonade from lemons.

Two qualities of a RELAX Investor stand out: optimism and rationality. These are more than mere characteristics; they guide our journey through the ups and downs of the market and help us navigate the highs and lows of relationships.

Investing in oneself is at the heart of this philosophy, where every action and decision shapes our future. As thought leaders, our efforts empower both ourselves and those around us.

In the continuous voyage of self-empowerment and growth, we explore two elements shaping the worldview of a RELAX Investor: long-term foresight and sensible adaptability. These virtues form the basis of a decision-making philosophy.

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