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How to Provide Outstanding Service to Hotels: 7 Ways to WOW Your Client By Zak Kogan

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How to Provide Outstanding Service to Hotels: 7 Ways to WOW Your Client By Zak Kogan

October 14
08:57 2021

As businesses rely more on word of mouth to grow their business, mainly through social media, connecting and giving your clients a fantastic experience is even more critical. Zak Kogan, the author of How to Provide Outstanding Service to Hotels: 7 Ways to WOW Your Client, has built businesses and gives business owners and professionals the tools to WOW their clientele. 

“My goal is to show the hospitality industry, particularly hotels, how they can stand out from the competition. Working in the eastern part of the United States, I understand how tourism and the hospitality industry contribute to any city’s lifeblood. Providing a variety of services can add value to the experience of your guests,” said Zac Kogan, an author and entrepreneur. 

Part of his journey to offering superb service to hotels began with a bet with his girlfriend during college. It led Zac to connect with the clothing industry, first as a hobby and then as part of a larger business to provide a better experience for business travelers at hotels who used drycleaning and laundry services. His own experiences were hit and miss. Clothes would show up on time and clean, but other times, his clothes were returned late, or he received others’ clothes instead. Taking his career experience as a programmer and physicist, Zac was determined to create a better system, allowing for a consistent hotel guest experience that combined his love of tailoring and the clothing industry. 

“It became my goal to find a way to create a system that could be implemented, regardless of the hotel, to provide a valuable service to their guests. The reality is that hotels are income-driven. They want to provide services to their guests that will get them to return and book a room in the hotel again. At the same time, they want to make sure that they keep reliable vendors working with them. If you provide excellent service and a quality product, then you will have a steady income from the hotel for a long time,” said Zac. 

While How to Provide Outstanding Service to Hotels: 7 Ways to WOW Your Client focuses on building a business targeting hotels, the principles outlined can translate or adapt to any other company or industry. Zac provides a guide to creating and sustaining an incredible client experience, from the systems put into place to employees’ interactions. Zac also shares how critical processes are to maintaining a WOW experience for clients. 

“When I talk about processes, it is important for any business owner to recognize how critical it is to focus on how to improve. Businesses that do not adapt and change, analyzing their procedures for continual improvement. I build systems with quality in mind. That means they adapt, but those systems also allow employees to maintain consistency in every aspect of their business,” said Zac. 

In the book’s bonus section, several hotel owners share their experiences working with Zac, highlighting how his business has become a value-add for their own. Currently, Zac lives and works in the New York and New Jersey metropolitan area. 

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